The Story

Looking for a way to stay activated this winter? Well, look no further. Weather Permitting and City of Play have teamed up to present a Sunday, bi-weekly afternoon/evening indoor game series called the Rec Room: Winter Games.

What is the Rec Room? The Rec Room is the combined transformation of Spirit Hall into a space of play and entertainment. Come out of hibernation. Shake off the winter doldrums with some beers and a band. Make new friends, hang out with folks you haven’t seen since the summer, and arouse your friendly competitive spirit. The Winter Games will recognize your achievements with awards and badges.

The Winter Games will change each week, and will include unique parlor sports like Bally, GaGa, Molkky and Bucket Pong, plus new hybrid physical-digital games such as:

  • Johann Sebastian Joust: Joust with other players to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, trying to keep your fragile, glowing orb safe while eliminating competitors.
  • Door: A 2+ player cooperative platformer where you find and draw the level as you play
  • Mont Trottoir: Scale the highest mountain around, which happens to resemble a sidewalk.
  • Searchlight: A co-operative, physical-digital game where players work to steal blocks without getting caught in the light.

as well as the perennial Weather Permitting favorite, Stump.

Spectate, Engage, Play

***While games are intended for an older audience, parents and children can attend; work together to problem solve and bond through active, explorative, creative play.

  • Jan 24
  • Feb 7
  • Feb 21
  • March 6
  • March 20
  • $10
  • 3pm-8pm
  • Spirit Hall
  • 242 52nd Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15201