Curious about who is this season’s sponsor of those ergonomically questionable, yet easy to store “chairs” we put out every week?

Like the neighborhood corner store of yesteryear, the 52nd St Market is focused on providing access to nutritiously prepared and preserved foods, local produce and staples to the Lawrenceville community. Owners Deirdre Kane and Dora Walmsley place importance on both locally sourced products and customer affordability. They also offer access to a seed library, have been known to host events such as nutrition consultations, and provide a free vegetable-centric zine/coloring book with recipes. (Currently, it’s beets. Yay, beets!)

While the market is of utmost importance for those who live nearby, it is also a destination for those in search of Pittsburgh’s best specialty products (like Leona’s ice cream sandwiches), a cup of Zeke’s coffee, or a fantastic sandwich for lunch (sometimes it’ll even be prepared by market manager Chet Vincent, of Weather Permitting regulars Chet Vincent and the Big Bend).

Their mission to support local businesses and create a community space in Lawrenceville is one that echoes our own Weather Permitting goals, and we are glad that they help to make our event a more comfortable place each week. Make sure to show them your support.2015_52logo