Sure it’s easy to spot all the lovely annuals and perennials that Shadyside Nursery has for sale – the ones that make hanging out at Weather Permitting a little oasis of greenspace in the city – but have you noticed the terrariums that line the shelves of the shed?

An extension of the nursery’s other offerings, the terrariums are lovingly designed by Natasha Dean (on Sundays you can find her pouring beer or throwing a hammer at the stump). These tiny ecosystems can completely sustain themselves in the correct conditions and are a way for those folks who have tiny apartments with no yard access to exercise their green thumb.

Natasha loves growing things, and started at a young age thanks to her mother. “Working with plants is my one consistent happy place. I appreciate the patience it requires and the gratitude it provides,” she says. “It is a unique experience to have a plant that you have taken care of for years or to commit to a garden each year.”

The plants used in the terrariums are miniature tropical plants and cuttings of miniature tropical plants that are propagated. Many of the environments feature additional accoutrement in the form of crystals or shells.

Not only are the terrariums for sale, but if you want to design your own, Terrariums at Shadyside Nursery offers workshops at various venues around the city.

There’s still time to sign up for this Thursday’s Happy Hour Terrarium Workshop. It includes all of the necessary materials, a step-by-step tutorial on how to build your terrarium and a care card. As the title implies, some wine will be provided, and feel free to bring an adult beverage of your choice.

If this Thursday doesn’t fit your schedule, like the Terrariums at Shadyside Nursery Facebook page to be notified of upcoming workshops and events. Another Happy Hour Workshop is planned for August.