Announcing the first (and maybe only) Kiddie-oke at Weather Permitting! Does your child sing into a toilet paper tube, pretending it’s a microphone? Does he or she dance around the living room like they are the next Madonna or Janet Jackson or fill-in-the-blank-with-someone-from-this-decade? Sign up for a slot at Kiddie-oke on Sunday, August 23, and the stage is theirs for one song. Spots are limited, we are only providing a captive audience until approximately 5:30. The event will be hosted by DJ Strobe (aka Nia’s dad), who’s been “holding it down for the dancefloor since 1988.” Please go to the FB event page and comment on the appropriate post to reserve a spot for your child. Supergroups, diva-trios and coordinating dance routines encouraged. Bucket drums also permitted. An enthusiastic audience is also necessary.