We’re back this Sunday! Did you miss us? We missed you.

This week’s food truck lineup features some new faces making their Weather Permitting debut:

Second Breakfast

Popular with hobbits and in some European countries, second breakfast is typically consumed around 11 am. The Second Breakfast food truck (aka the Waffle Wagon) breaks all the rules and offers items such as Belgian liége waffles, sandwiches and – maybe most importantly ­– duck fat fried hashbrowns all day long. New to the mobile food scene, the truck is an extension of their Pittsburgh Public Market location.


We appreciate unconventionality, duck fat fried ANYTHING, and Rock Bottom’s brewmaster Brandon McCarthy has assured us that Marty Moose (Walnut Brown Ale) pairs nicely with waffles.

Rolling Cones

They serve Penn State Creamery ice cream, and it’s a lot more convenient than a drive to State College. Even Pitt alums have to concede that PSU masters ice cream. Enough said.

They will be joined by , so we recommend skipping your first breakfast on Sunday so you have room for second, third and dessert.